How many burials can be done in one grave?

If we talk about single grave, burying of deceased has strict specific rules, which depend, among other things, on the rules of the burial site and the requirements of hygiene. If you anticipate placing more deceased (e.g. spouses) in one grave, you need to have dug a deepened grave. It is possible to place two deceased in it then, but after the so-called "time of decay", which each burial site has specifically given, you can put other deceased in the tomb.

Time of decay, the interval when the grave can not be opened is about 10 years. This, however, depends on the rules of the cemetery that determines this time based on its own geological examination. In case grave needs to be opened earlier, the funeral service will ask responsible sanitary station and it sets the rules.

Digging the grave is ensured by our trained graveyard staff. They have a certificate (see certificates). Digging the grave is also subject to the funeral law and has its specifics that must be observed (width, depth, retention and treatment of remains in the excavation, etc.).

After the funeral, the grave is let to settle for about half a year to prevent the tombstone from being felled or shattered. The amendment to the Funeral Law stipulates that in the case of the sale of a grave or tomb, the remains must no longer be cremated or transported.

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All the information respects the amendment to the Czech Funeral Act No. 193/2017 Coll., which is in force since the 1 September 2017.