Is it possible to perform a ceremony when the body is not found?

The answer to this question is somewhat complex. In order for the mourning ceremony to take place, the person must be declared dead and then a death certificate must be issued.

If the person concerned is declared to be missing and within 5 years of the end of the year the disappearance is not found and there are no reports, by the law the court can declare him / her dead. If the person concerned has not been declared missing, this period extends to 7 years.

If your relative dies in result of an accident where the deceased could not be found (for example, a plane crash), the court decides whether to declare the person dead based on suggestion from a person who has a legal interest in it.

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All the information respects the amendment to the Czech Funeral Act No. 193/2017 Coll., which is in force since the 1 September 2017.