Types of graves

Depending on the capacity, we can divide the tombs into single and double graves. In regard to way how deceased are being placed in them, they can be divided into

Classic graves

  • they are dug
  • the deceased is placed in
  • followed by burying


  • single, double, multi
  • they are dug
  • build in brick
  • or faced with concrete panels

Urn site

Urn site consists of a stone tombstone with a slab and a concrete or plastic "cellar" for storing urns

  • capacity 6-7 urns
  • The cellar is tilted with a plate approximately 1 m × 1 m
  • Within the cemetery, the urn sites have a special space reserved

There is an interval when the grave must not be opened. This is a so-called "time of decay". It depends on the rules of the cemetery, based on its own geological examination. In case grave needs to be opened earlier, the funeral service will ask responsible sanitary station for permission.

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All the information respects the amendment to the Czech Funeral Act No. 193/2017 Coll., which is in force since the 1 September 2017.