Maintenance of the grave

Maintenance of the tomb is carried out during the year according to the need and rules established by the respective cemetery order.

Before going to the cemetery, pack a sponge, a rag and appropriate cleaning agents. If you have grass or soil on the grave, do not forget about the rakes and other tools.

If you decorate a tomb with wreaths, pots of flowers, ceramic, or candles, place bowls, trays or plastic underneath them so that the stone does not rust and so the hardly washable wax does not drip on it.

Grave with grass

Plough all the weeds around the perennials and aerate the soil with the rakes. Cut the lawn and remove dirt, if necessary, plant more seed to make it thicker. Water all the greenery on the grave.


Teraco is an artificial stone composed of a mixture of gravel and cement. You can clean it mechanically using stone, alkaline and acid based products.


Granite resists both traditional agents against mineral sediments and mechanical cleaning. However, do not use steel brushes on glossy granite, it would leave scratch marks.


The marble tombstone is a bit more sensitive. Apply phosphate-free formula on it, remove stains with a fine brush and water. Do not use acids or solvents to prevent marble from staining or damage.


Sandstone tombstone is extremely sensitive. The stone is porous, so it easily absorbs any dirt, gets stained and covered in moss. Gently clean the tomb with a smoother brush, then use a phosphate-free cleaner and wash the whole stone with water after cleaning.


Concrete tombstones often get covered in mosses and lichens. When cleaning it we removed those mechanically, we wash the stone with water and we use a disinfectant that will prevent the fungus.

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All the information respects the amendment to the Czech Funeral Act No. 193/2017 Coll., which is in force since the 1 September 2017.