Type of coffin

Civil funeral

As a survivor you choose the type of coffin. They can be made of different materials - particleboard, wood, etc. For the ceremony, coffins of poplar, spruce or pine wood are used. If the deceased is placed in the tomb, you must arrange, according to the amendment to the law, coffin of oak or acacia with zinc inlay.

Placing in the grave requires a full wooden coffin. For cremation is usually used casual coffin, which consists of five-layer cardboard or wood. However, such coffin must comply with pressure test according to the ČSN standard.

After selecting the type of coffin, we select the appropriate date for the funeral ceremony. Then we prepare funeral notice, select the right music and floral decoration.

Church funeral

As survivors, contact our funeral service to contact the priest. Next step is selection of the coffin - in the case of burial in the grave it must be completely wooden. If the deceased is placed in the tomb, the acacia or oak casket with zinc liner is required by law.

The Church ceremony in the church mostly accompanies the requiem mass. The main meaning of the mass is prayer for salvation of the soul of the dead. The funeral ceremony lasts for about 50 minutes, without mass for 20 minutes, followed by placing in the tomb.

We take care of digging the grave and the construction of monuments and tombs.

The Charon® funeral service is available 24 hours a day, on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. Contact us whenever you need our services. Our trained staff will arrange dignifying funeral for your loved one, where you may say proper farewell.
All the information respects the amendment to the Czech Funeral Act No. 193/2017 Coll., which is in force since the 1 September 2017.